South Loop - Class Schedule (Sep-May)

Classes are offered Tuesday - Saturday and during the academic year (Sep-May).  

  • Classes are taught by age groups: Toddler Discover Science, 3-5 yr olds, 6-8 yr olds,  9-12 yr olds, and 12 yrs+  
  • Students select and reserve a day/time each week to attend.  
  • Our classes are designed so that you can begin anytime.
  • If you are ready to sign up, click on the schedule below and select a class membership, or call the center at (312) 225-4747.


Our Standard Monthly Membership and VIP Monthly Membership class options allow parents to select the membership that best meets the needs for their family. These memberships allow you to take one class per week, at a reserved day/time, and are paid on a monthly basis (based on enrollment date). Families receive 20% off when they enroll two or more children. Discounts cannot be combined and prices are subject to change. To make it easy for our families, both memberships auto-renew and charge your credit card.  


Our VIP Monthly membership comes with 12 great hands-on science classes (4 per month).  It allows students to take one class per week at a reserved day/time.  Students can miss 1 class per month and make it up.  Students have special access to our Loyalty program (early camp registration, special offers).  Charges are billed to your card every month based on enrollment date.  


Our monthly membership allows students to take one class per week at a reserved day/time (4 per month). Students can miss 1 class per month and make it up.  Charges are billed to your card every month based on enrollment date.  

2016-2017 Academic Year Class Descriptions

Every class that we design at Kids Science Labs begins with a fundamental question that is asked by kids everyday, and then hands-on science is used as a vehicle for engaging, discovering, and learning through actual experience, not just explanation.  

Each week, we introduce new classes for kids. This Winter we are teaching: 

  • Med School for Kids: Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
  • Toddler Discovery Science is taught for kids 2-3. 

If you are interesting in our annual schedule of offerings, please click here




Kids are curious about how things work, and whether its through sports, dance, or exploring the sandbox at the park, we teach cool science to kids as young as 2, to give them perspective, and start developing their creativity and need to innovate early, so they can outperform the rest of their lives. No need to wait until graduate school, KSL is bringing Med School to kids 2-12. Whether their curiosity comes from funny songs about hiccups to asking why they feel bad when they are sick, human physiology is all around us. At KSL, kids kept asking us about why they can’t turn their neck like an owl, what happens when they stub their toes, and why they can smell hot chocolate from the other room.  So, each week during the Fall, we are exploring the physics, biomechanics, and engineering of the amazing human body in 75 minute drop off classes for kids 2-12.  This program offers kids a world class introduction to Med School, from their head & shoulders to their knees and toes for pre-schoolers through pre-teens. Like all other KSL programs, every single class includes real hands-on science experiments, real design, and kids making problem solving innovations that they take home each week! 



At home, our 2-3 year olds are always exploring. They open cabinets, dump ingredients on the floor, mix their dinner, and build with blocks.  All of these activities are science and at Kids Science Labs, we don't hesitate to call pancake mix a viscous solution, because that's just a word that the kids will absorb and apply.  Our Toddler Discovery Science Classes are for kids to explore in groups of 6-8 other parent/child families, where they have to freedom to engage, ask, and understand the natural things that they are curious about.  

In this parent participation series, our toddlers will move from exploring How Stuff Works to a Science Fundamentals series. Our youngest scientists (Ages 24-42 months) will do experiments with measuring, building, making observations, and identifying objects to tickle the investigator in us all.