Classes and Camps 2019/2020

Wondering why can change the World. We believe this is true for scientists ages 2 to 100 yrs old, and our teaching faculty are passionate about inspiring kids of all ages to learn through the most engaging hands-on science and STEAM program available in the U.S. Every hands-on science class that we teach, is born from a child’s question, such as “Why does my cereal get so soggy (absorption)? or “Why does the grocery cart move when I push it (forces)?, or “Why can’t we take a plane to the Moon?” - followed by real experiments for kids 2-12, in a weekly 75-minute drop-off class.

We offer programming 12 months a year, all day, and at KSL it is 100% fun, 100% original content, and 100% hands-on science where kids are motivated to build their problem-solving skills in one of our beautiful hands-on science labs. Just as your child grows and changes, so do the benefits of the 300+ hands-on science classes at Kids Science Labs.

We are all curious about something. Hands-on science is simply investigating the questions that matter to us by physically doing something to learn. Kids ask so many good questions and many of us learn best by touching and experimenting with real stuff, rather than just reading, watching, or listening.

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2019 Academic Year Class Descriptions

Every class that we design at Kids Science Labs begins with a fundamental question that is asked by kids everyday, and then hands-on science is used as a vehicle for engaging, discovering, and learning through actual experience, not just explanation.  Each week, we introduce new classes for kids. We have some outstanding new classes for our students.  

Kids are curious about how things work, and whether its through sports, dance, or exploring the sandbox at the park, we teach cool science to kids as young as 2 yrs old, to give them perspective, and start developing their creativity and need to innovate early, so they can outperform the rest of their lives. No need to wait until graduate school.

Toddler Discovery Science (24 – 42 months old)

At home, our 2-3 year olds are always exploring. They open cabinets, dump ingredients on the floor, mix their dinner, and build with blocks. A toddler’s natural curiosity about exploring the world is stimulated in our environment designed specifically for their rapidly developing minds. Neuroplasticity takes center stage, in this caregiver-child setting, where the experiments for our youngest scientists are focused on practicing both their fine and gross motor skills, enhancing their language acquisition, encouraging their discovery, and understanding of how things work from colors to viscous (thick) liquids.  This is a 60-minute series with active engagement for both caregiver and toddler.

Innovators (Pre-K – Kindergarten)

As kids learn to express their own creativity, they venture into the classroom independently.  In our Innovators Program, our teachers help kids develop the tools needed to approach experiments with a problem-solving, encourage their design choices, and help them innovate design solutions to bring home.  Most importantly, we inspire a love of learning in our innovators, while cultivating their imagination and sense of wonder about the world. This is a 75-minute series that is drop-off, with a new class every week.

Investigators (1st – 3rd Grade)

As kids evolve within our program, they progress to our class for our 1st-3rd graders.  Our Investigators Program enables kids to learn the KSL System of Innovation that allows them build real life design principles and better appreciate how mistakes are natural outcomes hands-on experimentation. Students in our Investigators age group develop applied engineering and improve their growth mindset to stretch the limits of what they believe to be possible. This includes doing 3 – 4 experiments each week that help them develop real problem solving.

NexGen Design Lab (4th – 6th grade)

Our LIFE’S Curriculum (Learning Innovation, Fun Engineering, and Science) is on full display in this class designed to provide opportunities for kids to develop greater abstract thinking and creative design skills.  Our NexGen class experience challenges kids to tackle problems that require a higher level of critical thinking and problem solving. Through an integrated STEAM approach, we ignite kids passion and expand their creativity by applying real science to the question, with up to 50% of the NGSS-based class focused on engineering design.

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Class Membership At KSL



Our Monthly Membership and 10-Class Pack Membership class options allow parents to select the membership that best meets the needs for their family. These memberships allow you to take one class per week, at a reserved day/time. Families receive 20% off when they enroll two or more children. Discounts cannot be combined and prices are subject to change.



Our Monthly Membership is a recurring monthly membership that provides up to 4 classes per month. Students attend a class every week at a convenient time that matches your schedule. The Monthly Membership renews automatically every month, and allows parents to optionally choose to receive discounts for purchasing additional months. Enrollment with the Monthly Membership automatically provides access to the KSL Loyalty Program and is billed monthly.

10-Class Pack Membership

Our 10-Class Pack includes 10 hands-on science classes. The 10-Class Pack automatically renews when 10 classes have been attended.  All 10-Class Packs expire at the end May, the end of the KSL academic year. The 10-Class Pack is available for purchase from September to March every year.  Enrollment with the 10-Class Pack automatically provides access to the KSL Loyalty Program and is paid upfront.


To make it easy for our families, both memberships auto-renew and charge your credit card.  You can stop at the conclusion of the membership by just letting us know.