Field Trips 

Best field trips ever!  We offer 100 different topics including 20 original NGSS field trips in Earth & Space Science, Physical Science, Anatomy & Biology, Engineering, and Environmental Science. Whether it’s magnets, chemical reactions, designing heart pumps, or how to make a bigger bubble, in the last few years we have served over 100,000 students from more than 1,000 schools with some of the most engaging, original, and child relevant experiments available.

Field Trips - all year, all Great

Teachers and schools love visiting our centers for unforgettable KSL field trips. We offer field trips during our academic year from September through May for students ages 4-14. These 75 minute long trips are full of engaging science experiments and activities prepared by our inspiring teachers and held in our world-class facilities. You can join us for one trip or monthly trips throughout the year which your students will love.

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Why are Kids Science Labs Field Trips so special for students, parents, teachers, and administrators?

  • Each Field Trip has 75 minutes of awesome hands-on science for students. The students do real experiments themselves.

  • Children at KSL design and innovate solutions to real world problems, including projects that they create and keep, so the science goes back to school with them.

  • All of our field trips align with NGSS Earth and Environmental Science, Physical Science, Life Science, and Engineering.

  • Every field trip that we offer includes a teacher card to provide additional classroom ideas that further the learning when groups return to school. We also provide parent takeaway cards to explain the concepts at home.

  • Kids think we are awesome and get a unique experience at our beautiful locations. Our world class facilities feature classroom labs designed to create a learning environment that works.

  • All of our teachers are passionate about science, environmental sustainability, and helping kids engage their curiosity.

  • Attendees receive a free gift in that they can return to KSL for one free class during the academic year.

It’s a really cool place for kids to learn. I came here for two separate field trips (parachutes & electricity) with a 6th and 5th grade class, where you build a little house out of foam and connect a light switch to it.
— Michael, Winnetka PS Teacher
As a first grade teacher, I look forward to this field trip each year! There are TONS of different topics to choose from. Students are engaged the ENTIRE time they are at KSL, and it is ok (and expected) for them to ‘dig in’ to their science learning activities. The staff is friendly, helpful and knows how to relate to children.
— Jenny, CPS Teacher
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Field Trip Request

We would love to host you at Kids Science Labs.  We offer field trips at all of our centers, primarily on Fridays, but can also arrange other days depending on the group size.  Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.  If possible please provide approximate group size and some possible dates as it will enable us to follow up with you with good options.  

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Please give us some detail about your group, so that we can best plan the logistics. Knowing the age, number of students, and days you are available will help us better offer you good options for topics and dates
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