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If a place like this existed when you were a child, where might it have taken you?  Bring your child and set them on a lifelong path of learning and innovation.  

We started Kids Science Labs to solve a problem....."Why is it that all kids love science until about the 5th grade and then for the rest of their school years treat science as if it were boring, too difficult, or just not cool.  And why is it that in the U.S. we don't actively teach kids how to design, create, build, and fully explore the science that they are curious about. Kids love science, so why do so few have an opportunity to explore it. Isn't science fun, mysterious, and engaging.

We work hard because we care about inspiring the next generation today to be better than us in the future.  Our focus is on creating an environment where we can use hands-on science to allow kids to innovate, practice their problem solving, and create projects they are proud of as they learn fundamental concepts that will benefit them the rest of their lives. 

Want to know more about Kids Science Labs and why we love what we do?  

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