Our Classes are driven by children


Hands-on Science Classes


Kids are curious and they want to be engaged in understanding how things work. Just like taking art, music, soccer, or foreign language classes, kids need an inspired environment to learn and develop the things that they are curious about.  



Our program allows parents to sign up at any time during the academic year (Sept - June) and use their classes or to select individual weeks of camp during the Summer.  Typically, kids sign up classes, where they register for a time slot once a week (i.e. Tuesday at 10am or Wednesday at 4pm), where they come to Kids Science Labs for a class led by our wonderful teaching faculty.  Each week there is a new class topic. For kids 3+, all classes are 75 minute, drop-off classes as long as the child is potty trained. We also offer a fantastic 60 minute parent-participation class for children 2-3.

How to Register:  To register for any of our programs, select a location below. Each location provides a detailed description of our programs, pricing, and links to register for classes, camps, birthdays, and more.  

Since 2010, we have been inspiring kids through hands-on science and one of the reasons that parents love coming here is that their kids love coming every week and actively talk about what they learned when they are at home.