Summer Innovator’s Apprenticeship Program

2017 Innovator’s Apprenticeship for Jr. High School Scholars entering 6th-9th grade.  Offered at KIds Science Labs South Loop and Lincoln Park


One of your students is interested in participating in the Kids Science Labs 2017 Innovator’s Apprenticeship. Kids Science Labs, is one of the leaders in hands-on science classes, camps, and field trips for kids ages 2-14 in the U.S. During this summer, we are offering an Innovator’s Apprenticeship, where up to 10 students will be selected in Chicago to participate alongside our Teaching Faculty in the month of August, to learn leadership, innovation, and how to teach inspire other students to build a better future tomorrow. As the classroom teacher, we would love to hear your perspective on your student applicant, in terms of their relative maturity, listening, attentiveness, willingness to help others, navigate conflict, and general characteristics as a student and potential leader. Please do not offer more than 250 words or 2 paragraphs. We ask that you frame your recommendation from the perspective that we will have each of our Innovator’s Apprentices learn how to assist other students in daily hands-on science experiments, work collaboratively in a small group, design and innovate new projects using creative materials. The student will always be placed on a team with at least two of our Teaching Faculty for each of the weeks during the summer, so interpersonal skills are particularly relevant. 


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