Is KSL only for kids who love Science?

Kids Science Labs is for all students.  We love it when kids are passionately interested in science, engineering, and medicine, but our program is very successful in engaging  our target kids 2-12 that love learning how things work, fixing problems, being creative, and understanding the world around them.  We know from years of teaching and curriculum development, that kids, and especially early learners, have a natural curiosity that is well suited for learning science.  They live it everyday at the breakfast table, building in the playroom, and using their imagination. 

Science is a gateway for understanding how to make good decisions, consequences and design tradeoffs, the relationships between math, logic, and science, and the beauty all around us everyday.  We use science as merely a vehicle for explaining the world that we live in. We guarantee that your child will love Kids Science Labs and we hope to help them gain confidence with science through hands-on experimentation instead of teaching blackboard equations which they kids often can't relate to.  We teach the basic concepts using hands-on science such that when they start getting complex equations in sixth grade, they have a context for understanding.  We hope that we can encounter and encourage the next Einstein, but the goal is to help all kids learn and confident in science.