Top 10 Reasons to Join KSL

As one of the premier children's activity centers in Chicago, there are many reasons to join Kids Science Labs. Here are just a few:

  1. You heard about our amazing science teachers and cool classes
  2. Kids have a natural curiosity for science and love hands-on fun
  3. You know how important science is to your child's cognitive development
  4. You want a break and are looking for exciting education alternatives for pre-schoolers through 5th graders
  5. You like having the time to grocery shop while your child is learning at KSL (drop-off available for 3+)
  6. You appreciate our large sibling and multi-class discounts
  7. Kids have limited opportunities to learn science, design, and critical thinking in school
  8. Your child is constantly asking you questions that you can't answer about how things work
  9. You are tired of chasing your kids at the museum or driving to Kohl's, MSI, or Navy Pier every week 
  10. We are a family-owned business that cares deeply about our kids having better choices and improved cognitive opportunities, and you believe in our mission to educate kids with hands-on science early and with regular frequency