Please submit the below form to apply for a scholarship.  Details regarding the program are included below.

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Please provide us some insight as to why you would like to attend classes at Kids Science Labs. Responses should be at least a paragraph.
Please briefly give us some background around your request for a scholarship. 1-3 paragraphs would be great. We are trying to understand the need and how the scholarship will help you specifically.
If there are additional children, please include their names and birth dates above as follows: Child Name #2 (birth date), Child Name #3 (birth date)...

Scholarship Details

To qualify for a scholarship, in addition to demonstrated financial need, parents and/or guardians should answer "yes" to the following questions:

Criteria for Scholarship Applicant

  • We are committed to supporting our child's learning in school and at Kids Science Labs, which includes attending KSL classes each week.

  • Our child has taken a free trial class at Kids Science Labs and expressed an interest in taking more hands-on science classes at one of our locations.

  • We will provide periodic feedback to Kids Science Labs with regard to KSL programs and what KSL can do to make our child's experience better.

  • We believe that hands-on science, critical thinking, creativity, and design are important for our child.

  • We are willing to complete a brief written scholarship application.

  • We are willing to meet in-person with KSL staff before the award is confirmed.

  • We have at least one child between the ages of 3 and 11 who we intend to enroll in weekly classes during the academic year at Kids Science Labs. (Note that summer camp scholarships are only available to students to attend classes at Kids Science Labs during the academic year).


Award Components

Scholarships are awarded to students at the full discretion of Kids Science Labs and our Scholarship Administrator.

  • Scholarship awards will be applied directly to tuition at Kids Science Labs. No funds will be provided in any other form.

  • Future scholarships will be provided on an as-available basis.

  • Scholarships may be revoked for failure to comply with our policies, procedures, rules and for any breach of any of the above criteria.

If you are interested in the program, please complete the scholarship request form and give us some background on the child and your desire to have them attend Kids Science Labs. We look forward to having you be a part of our program.

All offers to fund scholarships by KSL or Friends of KSL for current classes or sessions do not imply an offer for ongoing scholarships.  There is no appllication deadline for scholarships.