Education: BS University of Michigan in Electrical Engineering, MS Stanford University in Electrical Engineering, MBA Chicago Booth 

Ever since I tried to cure my grandmothers cough with toothpaste and mercurochrome, at age 8, I have been trying to fix problems all around me. I want to inspire kids to build a better tomorrow by asking and evaluating really good questions today.  Early access to hands-on science improves creativity and critical thinking and that's why we started Kids Science Labs. After a career as a microprocessor designer, optical networking systems engineering, atomic physics, and even investing, I have finally linked my passion for teaching, technology, and educational change in KSL. I love laughing, learning, tinkering, teaching and trying to sneak jelly beans and other fruit flavored chewy candies into my house.  

Interests: Engineering, Educational Change, How Stuff Works, Just Dance 4 on the Wii