Summer Camp 2018: Registration Help Guide


Summer camp general registration will open Jan 3rd, 2018 at 3:30pm.  Until then, here is a preview of our registration help guide

To make registration easier for customers, we have a self-registration process within our member website. To register for Summer camp 2018, there are four key steps. A visual is below and detailed instructions follow.  

General Registration Jan 6th - Sign Up Flow Diagram.jpg


Step 1 – Viewing the Calendar

Viewing the calendar

When viewing the calendar, it is important to ensure you can see all of the summer camp weeks.  The calendar can be accessed on the left side of the screen, second from the top.  The screenshot below provides an example of the calendar.

You will be brought to this calendar initially from the KSL website and it will default to the first week of summer camp in June. You can scroll between months with the left and right arrows near the top left hand corner of the calendar (See blue circle on screen shot below).  

If at any point you exit off the calendar, you can access the calendar on the left menu bar.  To view the summer camp weeks, from the calendar dropdown, select “All Calendars”. Also, note in the upper right hand of the screen, you can select a time period of “month”.   

Note: If you login and select only your “child’s calendar” from the dropdown menu, you will only see the weeks you are registered for.  It will appear that weeks of camp are missing, when in reality they are just filtered from the calendar display.

Viewing the calendar on the member website



Step 2 – Selecting the desired week(s)

How to register for a week of camp

To register for a week of summer camp 2018, first make sure you can see the full calendar by month

(1)  Verify “All Calendars” from the calendar dropdown

(2)  Select the month for the time period – upper right hand corner

(3)  Select on the desired week by clicking on the green box for the individual week – see red arrow in the screen shot below.

Zen - selecting a week to register for on the calendar.png