General Summer Camp Registration: Select Your Location

Thank you for joining us at Kids Science Labs. If you are looking for general summer camp registration, you are in the right place.  Please select your desired location and you will be brought to the summer camp calendar for registration.  

We work hard to create a summer experience your kids will love.  What makes us different?  First, we care deeply, our team is passionate about helping kids, and it shows.  Our dedicated full-time teachers engage kids all year long. 

In addition to engaging themes, camp will provide many benefits to your children including: 

  • A better understanding of science concepts and how they apply to the World

  • Confidence in design principles and the skills to innovate.

  • A focus on your child's growth mindset to stretch the limits of what they believe to be possible.

  • The realization that science is fun.

  • Access to our outstanding full-time teachers who care about your kids.

  • Preparation for the future as a better understanding now of science will benefit them for years to come in school.  

Our week long camps offer engaging hands-on science and design classes led by our team of dedicated teaching faculty to help children discover, imagine, and create. With low student-teacher ratios, children in our camps are placed in age groups to create optimal learning environments for academic enrichment.

If you are new to KSL and looking for camp descriptions they can be found here: 

Want to learn more about Summer camp. Find out more here.

For members who currently taking classes who are looking to register for summer camp, please click here.