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July 23rd-27th - Next Gen (BioMedical Design 4th-8th grade)

Our kids will design our future, so for this innovation busting NexGen Design Camp, we will explore the engineering design of bionics, bioengineering, and sports medicine. If your child is into medicine, mechanics, or robotics, then they will get a blast in this camp that will result in the design of a functional bioengineered mechanical arm that they can control. Each day kids will receive a modern medical marvel that will challenge their critical thinking, as we work through the physics of how robotics can be applied to medicine. This all new NexGen Design Camp for 4th-8th graders only, and will include at least one major dissection to go along with working with real tools to design their mechanical robotic arm. The class will NOT focus on the electronics, but rather the associated bionics and physics that help connect to our human physiology. Any students that are not at least in 4th grade, will automatically be re-enrolled in our Innovator’s Camp.