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Aug 12th-16th - Under Cover Agents & Gadgets

  • 1801 South Indiana Avenue Chicago, IL, 60616 United States (map)

Problem solving and innovation skills are the focus in this camp that uncovers the hands-on science needed to design gadgets, trap doors, disable locks, and figure out how to walk around the house in silent stealth mode using spy shoe innovations. Whether it’s making safe smoky escapes, deploying cryptography, or figuring out fingerprinting techniques, our young undercover agents will love our Spy Academy. In this camp, it’s about designing tools, gadgets, and systems that can make it more fun to play in your room, trick your friends with brain games, or making those cool grappling hooks and listening devices.

PLEASE NOTE: $100 deposits are non-refundable. Camp is for kids ages 4 and up.