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July 22nd-26th - Wizard Chemistry

  • 1801 South Indiana Avenue Chicago, IL, 60616 United States (map)

This camp is calling all Hermione’s, PJ Villain’s and Marie Curie’s to learn the science behind the best potions, solutions, and science tricks available to Kids Science Labs students. Kids love to mix things, whether it be at the dinner table, or at KSL, so its time they learn the icky sticky chemistry that can stop a germ in its tracks, literally. Kids will explore what makes up nearly everything, from chemical reactions that puff and explode, to those liquid physics that parents love, except we will actually call the chemistry as we see it on the Periodic Table of Elements. Kids will become chemistry wizards and learn at least one new mind trick to perform at home as we use science to explain the sorcery that even Dumbledore would approve.

PLEASE NOTE: $100 deposits are non-refundable. Camp is for kids ages 4 and up.