Summer Camp 2019: Details for Enrolled Students

Thank you for enrolling in summer camp at Kids Science Labs!  This reference page is intended to provide content to help you prepare for camp once you have already registered.  It includes the steps to complete any necessary waivers, what your child should bring with them to camp, drop off and pick up procedures, the daily schedule, contact information for your center, and some additional details about what to expect.  

Waivers & Registration Information

To ensure that the your child's first day of camp goes as smoothly as possible, it is required that all waivers are signed before camp begins, and also that all contact information on your child's profile is up to date.  

KSL Northbrook Member Website:
If you are unsure of the email address listed on your account, please send us a message and we will provide your login details.  

1) Log in and update all contact information under EDIT PROFILE - including allergies, phone numbers in case of emergency, all guardians that are approved for pick up.  

2) Sign the participation waiver, if it hasn't already been completed.  
3) Confirm that the details of your camp reservations are correct.


Due to allergy concerns, please be aware that Kids Science Labs strives to maintain a peanut and tree nut free facility.  We appreciate your cooperation in this effort.  

All full day students must bring their own nut-free lunch.  Please ensure lunches do not contain peanuts, peanut butter, tree nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc), hazelnut spreads, granola bars, chocolates, or candies.  We encourage lunches that do not need to be refrigerated or microwaved.  If you have questions about nut-free lunchtime snack options that we would recommend (such as sliced fruit, applesauce, or cheddar crackers), please just let us know.  KSL suggests bringing a reusable water bottle with your child's name clearly labeled. 

If a child brings a nut-based lunch to KSL that is the primary portion of their meal (i.e. a sandwich with peanut butter, Nutella, or almond butter), we will place a call to the contact phone number(s) provided with your registration information. For the safety of our camp environment, KSL will offer an alternate meal replacement, which would would take the place of the nut-based meal that was provided in the child’s lunchbox. An example of the nut-free alternative that would be provided is a Kidfresh meal, such as chicken or soy nuggets.

Prior to offering the supplemental meal alternative, we will call your primary contact phone number to check in, as well as place a note in your child’s lunchbox to go home that day. If the nut-based option is not the primary portion of a child’s lunch, but rather a nut snack or treat (i.e. granola bar, chocolate candies), KSL may offer to supplement the child’s lunch with one of our nut-free morning snack options. If a KSL provided alternative is required for a child’s lunch on more than one occasion, a fee may apply. Please reach out directly with questions about our nut-free lunch and snack policy.

Please note:  At 10:30am, we provide all students a light refreshment of juice or water, fresh sliced fruit, and nut-free cracker snacks (such as Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies).  We do not anticipate parents packing any morning snack, except potentially if a child has a dietary restriction which would prevent them from partaking in our selection (i.e. gluten free or dairy free).  Please call your Center Director ahead of time to discuss any accommodations that might be necessary due to allergies or dietary restrictions.  

Daily Schedule

8:15am Early Bird Care (registered separately)
8:45-9:15am Check In & Kids Enter Classrooms
9:15-10:30am Discovery Science Class
10:30-10:45am  Snack Break (KSL Provided)
10:45-12:00pm  Creative Design Class
12:00pm  Half Day Pick Up
12:00-1:00pm Lunch for Full Day Students (Provided by parent/caregiver)
1:00-2:45pm  Design & Art Studios, includes Outdoor Experience
3:00pm Full Day Pick Up
3:00-5:00pm  Extended Day (registered separately)*

*Please note that extended day registration must be completed ahead of time, and registration is offered on a weekly basis ONLY.  Our extended day program does have a maximum capacity, and is subject to availability.  

Same Day & Week of Camp Registration Requests: If a request is made the week of camp to upgrade registration from half day to full day, or from full day to extended day, the cost is $35 per day per child.  The request is subject to availability.  

First Aid Information

Allergies: Please notify your Center Director of any known allergies prior to the first day of camp.  If applicable, please email your Center Director a copy of any medical action plans (contact information below).  On the first day of camp, please be sure to check in with the Center Director and also your child's teacher.  If your child needs an EpiPen, it should be delivered to the classroom with a clear label on it.  KSL staff are trained in first aid and emergency response, as well as EpiPen procedures.  

Medications: If your children have or take any medication, please discuss it with the center director as well as your child's teacher.  

Child Illness Policy: We strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for all kids enrolled in summer camp.  We appreciate your help in this effort.  To determine if your child is well enough to attend camp and engage in class, please consider the following:

If your child has a fever greater than 100°F, please keep them home for the day.  If a child has a fever of 100°F or greater during camp, we will call the parents or caregiver right away to pick them up.  After 24 hours of being fever free without medication, a child is welcome to return to camp.   

If a child vomits while at camp, we will call the parent or caregiver right away for a pick up.   Children are welcome to return to camp 24 hours after the last episode, or when a healthcare provider indicates they are no longer contagious.

In the case that a child is noticeably not feeling well, or is showing signs of potentially having a communicable illness without a doctor's recommendation that it is not contagious, we will call the parents or caregiver right away.  Some symptoms are severe cough and cold, sore throat, conjunctivitis (pinkeye), and some rashes.  

As a reminder, all children must be fully potty trained and able to independently use the bathroom in order to participate in camp.  We do take multiple bathroom breaks throughout the day.  If a bathroom accident does occur, a $20 fee will be added to cover the cost of the replacement clothes that might be required.  We encourage that our students bring along a change of clothes in their backpack.  

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Parking: Free parking is available for pick up and drop off in the Willow Festival Shopping Center parking lot, which is where KSL Northbrook is located.  Please note that KSL does not have curbside drop off or pick up - either directly in front of the center, or in the emergency fire lane adjacent to the building.  We are very appreciative of our customers respecting these designated "no parking" zones.  

Drop Off:  8:45-9:15am 
All students must be accompanied by an adult to their classroom each day.  Signing in to camp will happen via the iPads located at each classroom.  Students must be accompanied in and out of the center by an adult at all times.  

Pick Up: A sign out sheet will be located at the door of your child's classroom.  All students must be signed out every day by an approved guardian.  Photo ID is required.  When checking the contact information on your member account, please be sure to include all guardians that are authorized in the "Approved Pick Up" section with a contact phone number.

Same Day Pick Up Authorization Form: On a given morning of camp, if you would like to notify us of pick up by an adult that is not already on your approved list, a written form must be signed.  Please ask the Center Director at the registration desk. 

Late Policy: A late fee of $15 per 30 minutes per child will be charged for any late pick ups.  We understand that traffic can sometimes be unpredictable.  If you are running late, please call and let us know.  

Half Day: noon
Full Day: 3pm
Extended Day: 5pm

Classrooms & What to Bring

What classroom will my child be in? For summer camp at Northbrook, all students are split into 3 age groups.  Classroom assignments are roughly based off of the grades that students will be entering for upcoming academic year: JK - Kindergarten, 1st - 3rd grade, 4th grade & up.  The exact classroom distribution may vary slightly per week.  

If you wish for your child to be in the same classroom as a friend who is also registered, please send your Center Director a message ahead of time.  We do our best to accommodate requests made prior to camp beginning, though please note that all requests are subject primarily to the distributions of the three age groups within a given week. 

What should my child bring? Outside of your child's classroom there will be carts or shelves designated for their lunch boxes, backpacks, and jackets.  Water bottles are welcome in the classroom for the entire day.  At pick up each day, be sure to take home your child's personal belongings, their project from the day, and a takeaway card providing details about the questions we explored that day.

Please keep the following at home: Toys, legos (we've got plenty!), playing or trading cards (including Pokemon)

Lost & Found: KSL stores lost items until the end of the summer camp session.  We encourage labeling your belongings with your child's name so that we can give you a ring just in case something gets left behind.  

KSL Northbrook: Contact Information
Jessica Wallace, Center Director:
(224) 213-7511
840 Willow Road
Suite A
Northbrook, IL 60062