Summer Innovators Apprenticeship Program




Our students love design and innovation at Kids Science Labs and in Summer 2017, up to 10 students will be selected to participate in an Innovator’s Apprenticeship for Jr. Science Scholars, where they will learn how to engage younger students in the KSL principles of Creative Design and Innovation, as well as participate in a unique Innovation Project during the month of August. Over 100,000 kids have successfully completed hands-on science and innovation classes, camps, and parties at Kids Science Labs, and we are providing some leadership training to our young scholars, opportunities to apply science to a project, and opportunity to work collaboratively with our outstanding Teaching Faculty for up to four weeks in the summer. The Innovator’s Apprenticeship is only available in Lincoln Park and South Loop, and it carries at cost of $200 per week to participate. 

Our 2017 Innovator’s Apprenticeship participants will participate in one of our KSL Summer Camp rooms alongside our Teaching Faculty and Innovator’s Camp participants. The program will be from 9am-3pm. Any questions should be addressed to about the program or its benefits

While there will be no interviews of students for this Innovator's Apprenticeship, the KSL Co-Founders may follow-up with a few questions of parents during the selection process. We acknowledge and recognize that we will not be able to satisfy all of the students who may want to participate in our 2017 Innovator’s Apprenticeship. If the cost of the Apprenticeship is prohibitive, academic scholarships are available and can be discussed to ensure the successful participation of students, regardless of their family’s current financial position. 

Students must complete the following online questionnaire, which we expect will take about 1 hour for your child. 


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By clicking submit, as the parent and/or guardian of the above student, I hereby acknowledge that participation in the Kids Science Labs Innovator’s Apprenticeship is entirely voluntary, requires $200 per week for  the child’s participation, and is intended for the learning benefit of my child and I have a reasonable expectation that I will allow my child’s unforced participation in this great program, including signing any and all reasonable waivers and participate in the 2-hr training program to the best of my ability. I also acknowledge that selection for participation in the 2017 Kids Science Labs Innovator’s Apprenticeship is entirely subjective based on the evaluation of the two KSL Co-Founders perspectives and the availability of the program in Lincoln Park and South Loop. I also acknowledge that I am paying for my child’s participation in the training apprenticeship and this is not in anyway a volunteer program. I recognize that my child must comply with all rules and regulations as a normal student at Kids Science Labs, and that the child can stop their participation at any time if they are not able to complete the program for any reason whatsoever. 


Please provide the link below to your classroom teacher and ask them to submit a short response online, less than 250 words or 2 paragraphs, by February 28th. Parents should note that applicants will be selected on an ongoing basis beginning February 15th based on the completed application, when it is received.

Eligibility Criteria for participation in the Innovator’s Apprenticeship

  • Student has participate in either our 2016 NexGen Design Summer Camp at KSL or has attended 20 classes during the 2015-2017 academic year
  • Student is available for at least three consecutive weeks between July 31 - September 1st to complete the program
  • Student must obtain a 2 paragraph recommendation from one of their classroom teachers
  • Student is passionate about hands-on science, innovation, creative design, or helping other kids through teaching
  • Student has the maturity, patience, integrity, and desire to help other students in their journey of design
  • Student must complete the questionnaire entirely on their own
  • Student must be entering 6th grade through 9th grade in the Fall of 2017
  • Parent must sign all liability waivers and complete the mandatory 2-hr Innovator’s Apprenticeship Training Seminar prior to July 2017

Benefits provided to all Innovator’s Apprenticeship Participants

  • A special KSL Innovator’s Apprentice and Staff T-shirt
  • An Innovator's Certificate for completing the 2017 Innovator’s Apprenticeship
  • A summer seminar led by KSL Co-Founders on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Design
  • Leadership Training on engaging others and problem solving
  • A Summer Innovation Project, guided by KSL Teachers that includes solving a real problem
  • Reduced cost of participation in our KSL Summer Camp
  • Parents will get some feedback on their child’s participation at the conclusion of the program in September