Thank you for believing in us.


We are so fortunate that you have considered bringing your child to Kids Science Labs. We are often asked by parents, educators, and friends why we started Kids Science Labs and how what we teach is different. The answer is both simple and complex, which interestingly often leads to something beautiful. 

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This genuinely creative and unique place that we affectionately call KSL, started in 2010 when we got together to try to solve a problem that mattered to us, we wanted to make a difference in kids’ lives – really make a difference, and change education and kids’ perspectives forever.  The problem was “Why is it that from the time they are infants, kids are the worlds' best problem solvers, yet, as they get older, so many of them think science is boring, for the smart kids, or just plain hard?”

Really, kids' brains are wired to solve problems. Just try locking a cabinet, leaving them alone for 2 minutes in the room, or letting them mix cookies on their own. They are brilliant engineers and investigators, but then by fifth grade, research suggests that they are already losing creativity.  Naturally, it just didn't make sense. Science is the #1 academic subject of kids across the U.S. until fifth grade, mostly because kids say that they get to "do stuff" in science. The only thing that they want to do more than science is playing at the park (which totally makes sense).  Ask any kid whether they will want to mix, build, throw, break, create, make something, and you will find a friend for years. The education system here in the U.S. has many issues and constraints that we are all dealing with, so rather than just be mad, we quit our careers to build a compliment to educating our brilliant kids in a creative environment with engaging teachers. Kids Science Labs is the result and we are putting KSL everywhere around the country.


But realistically, KSL is bigger than STEM. It's bigger than any series or curriculum that we teach. We are so proud of our programming, which is 100% original content that we write based on kids questions. But it's more powerful than an individual class on how mops work (absorption), why some pancakes are thick (viscosity) and how does an iPad turn off (light polarization). Kids Science Labs two co-founders are both engineers.  Our teachers, who have all been through our rigorous training program, are talented, hardworking, patient and engaged professionals who are passionate about kids and their ability to learn anything. However, we are not just for "science kids" and never will be. Quite the opposite. Over the years, we have had just as much success engaging young dancers, artists, Legobuilders, and soccer players as we have had with kids who at a young age want to be scientists. 

We are excited to share KSL. Why? Because something special happens when our children define themselves as inventors, creators, and scientists. They embrace problem solving, critical thinking, their natural creativity, and determination.  That is life changing.

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Often our academic careers are measured by our ability to absorb and retain facts and knowledge, which is important.  However, 4-7 years after graduation, the system changes. Companies come to campus and try to hire the best students but they all want the same thing. They want students who are innovative, creative, problem solvers. It's the same way with graduate school applications. We are looking for something different.....but hold up, why is it that we are never, ever really taught creativity, problem solving and design.  Whether you are a lawyer, physician, engineer, investor, poet, or politician, the skills that result in your outperformance are based on critical thinking and problem solving. Not to discount knowledge, because it matters greatly, but outperformance in our college and professional life relies on how we think about a problem, navigate research, have the courage to try, and think creatively about how to achieve a certain outcome that may not be easy. 

As we thought about helping parents raise truly innovative problem solving children, we kept wondering about all the academic research that suggests that kids are losing their creativity.  It is not because they don't have it, but because it is a skill that is not exercised. However, it doesn't mean that we can't do something about it, because all of these skills can be taught and are taught every week at KSL. We are not an afterschool program, we are here to engage kids about their questions and help them develop and maintain these core skills that will help them outperform in their lives. 

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We fundamentally love Kids Science Labs. Like most parents, we want our children to have better opportunities and we will do anything to help them outperform long-term, in fact you’ll see our kids at KSL each week.  But it's not about us. It's about engaging kids when they are their most imaginative and creative and enabling their natural curiosity forever, by helping them learn and practice problem solving, innovation, and creativity when they are in elementary school (5-12 years old).  

What we are saying is that it's bigger than science. Creativity, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Innovation, Hands-on Science are core underlying skills that we teach here that will enable every artist, distance runner, teacher, lawyer, farmer, President, and yes, quite a few doctors, engineers, and genuine super geeks. We only need your kids to bring their natural curiosity and imagination. With your help engaging them at home, we enable them with hands-on science, innovation, and design projects to stimulate their problem solving every single day. 

When you choose to come to KSL, we want you to know that you are making a great choice.  We are here to serve our community of inspired learners to reach their full potential. It just so happens that hands-on science opens doors to creativity and critical thinking, so it is the best vehicle for helping them outperform long-term. Our hope is that you and most importantly your child, loves what we are doing at Kids Science Labs and we become a permanent home for you to bring your curious child to explore and discover the hands-on science that is around them everyday.