Our Camps

Brand New Camps with our Great Team

Kids Science Labs is offering new and creative summer camp weeks for kids 4-14 yrs old at all our centers. Kids love the mystery and surprise of seeing inside devices we use everyday, designing their own cities of the future, and understanding how devices are made. For 2019, we have created new weekly themes for our Innovators Camp and our Next Gen Designers Lab which your children will love. 

In addition to engaging themes, camp will provide many benefits to your children including: 

  • A better understanding of science concepts and how they apply to the World.

  • Confidence in design principles and the skills to innovate.

  • A focus on your child's growth mindset to stretch the limits of what they believe to be possible.

  • The realization that science is fun.

  • Access to our outstanding full-time teachers who care about your kids.

  • Preparation for the future as a better understanding now of science will benefit them for years to come in school.  

Innovators Camp Topics (Ages JK-6th grade)

How our Planet & Outer Space Work
Wizard Chemistry
Builder’s Paradise
Flight School
Undercover Agents, Booby Traps, & Gadgets
Cool Science and Sports Physics

A Random Walk Through Science

Next Gen Designers Lab Topics (Ages 5th-8th grade)

Biomedical Engineering
Remote Control Car Design
Advanced Chemistry and Slime Lab
Design My Own Mobile Laptop (from scratch)

A day in the life of summer camp

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This isn't any regular summer camp

Kids Science Labs' summer camps are some of the best in the nation thanks to our amazing team and the depth of our curriculum.  Our camps incorporate weekly themes and topics ranging from medicine to chemistry to engineering design, all topics certain to engage your curious child. Our goal is to foster the next generation of creative thinkers by changing the way your child perceives, learns about, and interacts with the world around them.  It is an audacious goal that has been the foundation for our core values since we began nearly a decade ago.

In our camps, we strive to help children retain their creative mindset and we believe the way we present science to them and hands-on projects are the perfect vehicle. After experiencing something far different from the usual summer camp, this growth mindset will give your child a better understanding of science concepts and more importantly confidence in their ability to design and create. They leave with a reawakened curiosity and desire to learn.  And we guarantee they will bring home more than a few projects that will amaze you.

Come meet our dedicated and passional teachers who have bachelors/masters degrees in education, engineering, biology, art, architecture, materials science, sociology, and theater.  Join us and make this summer fun, rewarding, and one that will benefit your child for years to come.  

Summer Camp 2019 - Weeks

All new camps are coming for 2019.  One of the great advantages of having a full-time team of educators is we are innovating and creating curriculum all year long.  In 2019 we have all new camp designs, where our scientists will learn about energy distribution, create their own chemistry kit to take home, build their own pinball game, build their own submarines for exploration, and develop triage kits.  Just click below for a description of each week.  

Summer Camp Schedule

2019 Innovators Summer Camp Schedule -  (JK through 6th grade).   Depending on academic school year calendars, not every week is offered at all centers, please see individual locations for their specific schedule (ex. June 3rd is only offered at some centers)

2019 Next Gen Designers Lab Schedule -  (5th-8th grade.  Schedule and topics vary by center)

For Summer 2019, we have created four advanced project weeks for students 5th through 8th grade. Depending on the center, our older students can choose between between our Next Gen Designers Lab and our Innovators Camp. Students who are not entering 5th grade in the Fall of 2019 are not eligible for this camp, but are welcome to register in our Innovator's Camp occurring simultaneously for kids up to age 12.

Additional important camp information and FAQs including logistics, billing, policies, and more can be  found here:


  • Half Day: 9am - 12pm*

  • Full Day: 9am - 3pm**

  • Extended Day offered at some centers***

*(Schedule includes a nut-free snacktime.)

**(Parents provide peanut and tree-nut free lunch. ***Extended Care is available from 3-5pm.