Kids Science Labs rocks WGN Around Town

An amazing morning of science with Ana Belaval & WGN

Today we had a chance to hang out with one of our favorite people, Ana Belaval from WGN and do some hands-on science.  It was a great morning, where we got to explore polymers, water filters, the properties of dry ice, and how strong everyday materials  (cups and cardboard) can be to build a real chair.  

Each and every day, we are looking to enable the next generation of creative thinkers and science is a tremendous vehicle for learning how things work, especially for children 2-14 yrs old.  Every class we teach starts with a question to explore and focus on guiding kids to find answers, instead of just telling them something abstract in a science book.  Bringing science to life with context makes it accessible, fun, and interesting.  

We recognize that having fun is important, and while music, sports, other activities are indeed fantastic, children as young as 2 yrs old can experiment with a popsicle that melts and why viscosity is cool. That's science. That's KSL. 

Check out the video here