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Hands-On Science Classes, Summer Camps, Birthday Parties and more.

Let's face it, technology is taking the world by storm, and it is firmly grounded in science and creative design thinking.  Our kids need more opportunities to learn and love science and more importantly they need to be able to tackle challenging problems with creativity and confidence.  Much has been said about the need for more STEM and STEAM programs.  The supporting argument is strong: the wave of future economic prosperity lies in a workforce that is well-versed in rising job markets like science, technology, engineering and math.

At KSL, we love problem solving, critical thinking, and creative design - so we offer year-round programming options. Kids are curious and they want to be engaged in understanding how things work and need an inspired environment to learn and develop the things that they are curious about. We are the leader in hands-on science and creative thinking, core skills for your children to succeed in a complex world.


Throughout the year we offer: classes all week long, day camps & summer camp, field trips, and birthday parties. Because the more opportunities we have to engage our students the more we can explore together and practice.  

To register for any of our programs, click on the location button below to select a center. Each location provides a detailed description of offers, pricing, and links to register.  



At KSL, we have a flexible program that allows parents to sign up at any time during the academic year (Sept - June). Typically, kids who enroll in classes, reserve a time once a week (i.e. Tuesday at 10am or Wednesday at 4pm), where they come to our center for a class led by our wonderful teaching faculty. Each week we focus on a new class topic which is driven by questions kids ask everyday including - why are their shoes soft, why does bread get mold, how do you build your own chair, where does the water go?, or can I build my own iPad®?. Here is a description of what we are teaching now.

We have taught over 100,000 students since our inception!  For kids 3+, all classes are 75 minute, drop-off classes as long as the child is potty trained. We also offer a fantastic 60 minute parent-participation series (toddler discovery science) for children 2-3 yrs.  

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Camps- Day and Week Long

During the academic year we offer camps on school days off and during holidays. Day off camps are offered as half and full day camps from Sep-May. In addition to our day off camps, we offer holiday camps including: Winter Camp (Dec and Feb) and Spring Break Camp (March and April).  Children are separated into age groups to ensure a great experience.  Find out more here.


Summer Camp

Each Summer (June, July, and August) we offer up to 12 amazing weeks of summer camp at all our centers.  Sign up half day or full day for 1, 2, 3, 4, or more weeks for some great hands-on learning. Children are separated into age groups to ensure a great experience. Each year we tinker and create brand-new content your children will love and won't stop talking about. Find out more here.


Birthday Parties

Our Birthday parties are epic and some of the best ever.  We offer parties year round at all our centers.  If you bring the food, we will provide a stress free 90 minute party filled with hands-on science activities to keep your guests engaged, while parents get to relax. See what our parents have to say here.  Please contact your desired center for details and a tour by following the locations button above.  

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We offer field trips during the academic year (Sep-May) for students ages 4-14.  Come join us for 75 minutes of engaging science where we prepare the activities and provide an unforgettable trip.  You can join us of one trip or monthly trips.