Science at KSL

Kids Science Labs (KSL) offers hands-on science classes, birthday parties, summer camps,  field trips, and special events for kids ages 2-12.  We are enabling the next generation to become better thinkers using hands-on science activities.

Our hands-on science classes and birthday parties are all based on concepts that kids understand because we address practical life experiences with materials that they encounter everyday. 

Kids are fundamentally curious and at KSL, we believe that:

  • Fun science activities build creativity and problem-solving
  • Children love experimenting and making discoveries
  • Individual attention is critical, so an 8:1 ratio is maintained
  • Wondering "Why?" can change the world
  • Kids Science Labs will change kids perspectives.....forever
  • As a team we are passionate about engaging and helping kids learn

Learn more about our LIFE'S Curriculum, view our beautiful learning center, or join our mailing list, where we regularly provide hands-on science for parents to do at home!

Let's face it, technology is taking the world by storm, and it is firmly grounded in science.  Our kids need more opportunities to learn and love science and more importantly they need to be able to tackle challenging problems with creativity and confidence. If we are lucky, Kids Science Labs might help educate the next Einstein, Newton, or Planck, but our goal is to establish a basic love of learning in our kids and help them experience and understand the science they see everyday.

Inspire a Child Today, Build a Future Tomorrow!


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