Our first center opened in September of 2011 and since then over 100,000 students ages 2-12 have experienced our innovative hands-on science classes.   Weekly classes are underway now, sign up here

Kids Science Labs was started by two dads who wanted to solve a problem.  As engineers they knew how cool science could be, that is it all around us, and that kids love it.  The problem was by age 9, kids began to be convinced science was boring, not cool, not relevant, or just too hard.  Five years later, KSL has now grown into an exceptional team of more than 40 educators, scientists, artists, and innovators who all care very deeply about kids and inspiring the next generation of problem solvers and innovators.   


Families in Chicago can enjoy the World's best hands-on science program for creative design, innovation and problem solving for children ages 2-14.



Join us and experience some great hands-on science, creativity, and innovation.  To sign up, just click the dates below.  

  • Sep 12th (Tuesday) -  Classes Begin
  • Oct 9th  (Monday) -  Day Camp
  • Oct 20th (Friday)  -  Day Camp
  • Nov 3rd (Friday)  -  Day Camp
  • Nov 10th (Friday) -  Day Camp
  • Nov 19th-26th - Closed
  • Dec 20th -22nd -  3 Day Camp
  • Dec 27th-29th  -  3 Day Camp
  • Jan 2nd-5th     -  4 Day Camp
  • Feb 9th (Friday) -  Day Camp
  • Feb 12th (Monday) - Day Camp
  • Feb 16th (Friday) - Day Camp
  • Feb 19th (Monday) - Day Camp
  • March 19th-23rd -  Spring Break Camp
  • March 26th-30th -  Spring Break Camp
  • April 20th (Friday) - Day Camp


Kids Science Labs - South Loop

1801 S. Indiana (3rd Floor)

Chicago, IL 60616



Parking: Free Parking is available for all KSL customers just South of the center on the West side of Indiana in the Family Services parking lot.  Please ask us for a window permit. Drop-off is available for kids 3+