Classes and Camps 

Our class content is 100% original, driven by questions that kids ask us everyday.  It will always be a challenge to describe the experience of a 75 minute class and do it justice through words.  Many of us at KSL grew up loving science, breaking things, fixing things, asking how and why things worked.  We try to create that experience each and every class because knowing how to approach and solve a problem will stay with each of us for the rest of our lives.  

What is as important as knowing facts and equations, is understanding the context, how it relates to the world, and believing you can figure out problems which at the beginning look daunting.  So since words will never fully capture the magic of our classes, here are a few photos to bring them to life (density, viscosity, chairs, flashlights, bridges, cities, chemical reactions, and much much more)



2017-2018 Academic Year Class Descriptions

Every class that we design at Kids Science Labs begins with a fundamental question that is asked by kids everyday, and then hands-on science is used as a vehicle for engaging, discovering, and learning through actual experience, not just explanation.  Each week, we introduce new classes for kids. This 2017/2018 we have some outstanding new classes for our students.  

  • Science Fundamentals for Curious Kids (2017/2018)  (Kids JK-K, 1st-3rd Grade, 4th-6th Grade)
  • Toddler Discovery Science is taught for kids 2-3yrs. 

Kids are curious about how things work, and whether its through sports, dance, or exploring the sandbox at the park, we teach cool science to kids as young as 2, to give them perspective, and start developing their creativity and need to innovate early, so they can outperform the rest of their lives. No need to wait until graduate school


Science Fundamentals for Curious Kids (2017/2018)- JK/k, 1st-3rd, 4th-6th

Science is relevant to curious kids and parents every day. It helps them understand why cereal gets soggy (absorption), why honey moves so slowly (viscosity), and how to make their fidget spinners spin even longer (friction). Kids will investigate the science behind modern marvels, from pyramids and earth moving equipment to flatscreen TV technology and the power of simple magnets. This program inspires kids to think critically about how the world works by exploring the fundamentals of chemistry and physics while offering kids a world class introduction to design. 



At home, our 2-3 year olds are always exploring. They open cabinets, dump ingredients on the floor, mix their dinner, and build with blocks.  All of these activities are science and at Kids Science Labs, we don't hesitate to call pancake mix a viscous solution, because that's just a word that the kids will absorb and apply.  Our Toddler Discovery Science Classes are for kids to explore in groups of 6-8 other parent/child families, where they have to freedom to engage, ask, and understand the natural things that they are curious about.  

In this parent participation series, our toddlers will move from exploring How Stuff Works to a Science Fundamentals series. Our youngest scientists (Ages 24-42 months) will do experiments with measuring, building, making observations, and identifying objects to tickle the investigator in us all.